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To celebrate the Fourth of July, Rochester Hills hosted the Fireworks Festival of the Hills this summer. On July 4, more than a million people visited downtown Rochester to see what traffic lights and congestion were expected.

Chrysler's headquarters are located in the nearby Auburn Hills, giving residents easy access to Big Auto. The administrative center of the RCS is the former Rochester High School, which once served as a kindergarten for seniors and their students. Rochester Hills is home to the University of Michigan College of Arts and Sciences, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Rochester Community College.

After many changes to the barn, including the cultivation of two silos, the Van Hoosen family transferred the farm to Michigan State University in 1884. The original farmhouse and barn on the site of the former Rochester High School were built in 1889 and renovated at various times in history. It was opened in 1890 and replaces the same place that burned down in 1888, which had been renovated and rebuilt.

Oakland University is a nationally recognized university founded in 1957 by Alfred and Matilda Dodge Wilson. In 1957, the Wilsons donated Meadow Brook Hall (pictured above), one of the oldest buildings in Rochester Hills and a national historic landmark. Since the mid-1970s, this building has housed a variety of faculty, students, staff and staff from across the state of Michigan, and is certainly one of the largest and most remarkable structures in the city. Oakland University now bears the name of its original home on the former site of Rochester High School. MeadowBrook Hall, pictured below and above, is home to a number of professors and students from the University of Minnesota - Duluth and Michigan State University.

The celebration, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 14, from 6 p.m. to midnight, also includes the Girls' Night out. The public park will be open from 6.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. for visitors who can park there for free.

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It is connected to several large parks, including the Detroit River, Michigan State Park and Grand Rapids Riverfront Park.

The Rochester area is connected to Lake Orion in Michigan by the Detroit River and Michigan State Park and Grand Rapids Riverfront Park. The city of Rochester Hills is largely surrounded by the communities of Avon and Shelby, both bordering Shelby County to the east and Macomb County to the west. It has an eastern border that stretches across the border of Macomber County and a western border with the city of Detroit. On 1 July 1999, the community of Avonside became the "City of Oakland County" after the merger of the communities of East Rochester and West Rochester, where it was annexed by the City of Rochester.

The reclaimed land was first begged for in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the construction of the Olde Towne Center. In 1979, the ground floor buildings were used for the construction of a new town hall, a public library and an office building.

This little gem was presented in the first art exhibition I ever took part in, the Art of Apples. Arts of Apples, this art fair featured 290 artists and exhibits from across the nation and was one of the largest and most successful art exhibitions in Michigan history.

The government provides the complete municipal service including police, fire brigade, water and sewerage. Rochester Municipal Park (formerly called Avon Park) is the largest park area in the city and covers a large part of downtown. The district consists of 21 hectares, of which 21 are public and 4 private, with a total area of about 2,500 square meters.

Downtown Rochester and Rochester Hills seem to merge seamlessly, and it is assumed that they were one at one time. A reporter for Money wrote that "Rochester Hills is an idyllic place known for security, good schools, and a strong economy," just to compare the 8.1% nationwide rate. In recent years, some residents have taken downtown Rochester as their own, as it is close to downtown Detroit and home to a large number of restaurants, bars and shops.

The district also performed better than all other counties nationwide that participated in the national assessment, and the composite MEAP scores were above the state and state averages. In 2007, Rochester Hills High School, along with the rest of the district, received the gold medal for Quotient Assessment.

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More About Rochester Hills